Start and finish

The starts of the 10 English Miles (16,1K), the 12K and the 4K (One Lap) are all at Circuit Zandvoort. The 10 English Miles starts at 12.45 hours. The 12K starts at 11.45 hours and the 4K (One Lap) starts at 10.50 hours.
Starting area
The starting ares are colour coded to match the colour on your race bib. The starting areas for the recreational categories are based on the specified target time. Please note! Participants are not allowed to join an earlier group. However, it is possible to join a later group.
Starting times
Click here to view the starting times
Changing and shower facilities
You can change in the changing room on Paddock 2 or in Sporthal Korver. Click here for more information on how to get here. Showers are available at Sporthal Korver. 
Bag drop
You can hand in your clothing at the bag drop at Circuit Zandvoort. You can find the bag drop at Paddock 2. When you hand in your bag, you will receive a sticker on your bib number. After the race, you can use this number to pick up your bag. Returning your bag is at your own risk.

Do not leave your clothes in the starting area, they will be removed immediately after the start.
Lockers will be placed opposite the bag drop area. The costs of renting a locker is €5.00 of which €1.00 deposit is charged.


The finish of all distances will be in front of the grandstand at Circuit Zandvoort.