By train

Zandvoort is easily accessible by train. The train station is within walking distance (approx. 900 meters) of Circuit Zandvoort. We therefore advise you to make use of this possibility in the context of traffic restrictions in Zandvoort due to the event. Despite the extra trains it can get very busy at certain times in the train to Zandvoort, so take the time for your journey.

More information about the public transport timetable can be found at:

P+R locations

If you’re traveling by car, use the P&R locations below. From there you can hop on the train to Zandvoort. You can also use a P + R location in your area:

  • P + R parking space Amsterdam-Sloterdijk: paid parking, 200 available places;
  • P + R parking lot Haarlem Spaarnwoude: free, 100 available places;
  • P + R parking lot Heiloo: free, 234 available places;
  • P + R parking place Castricum: free, 265 available places;
  • P + R parking Santpoort-Noord, Santpoort-Zuid and Bloemendaal: free, 40 available places per station.

Walking route from NS station

Circuit Zandvoort is a 10-minute walk from the NS Station. On the station square, turn right and walk along the Van Speijkstraat. At the end of the road, cross diagonally past the gas station and continue on the road (Burgemeester van Alphenstraat). After 500 meters you will see the entrance to Circuit Zandvoort on the right. Here is the start of the Zandvoort Circuit Run.

NS Hup-On Hup-Off express

On March 28 and 29, NS runs a special train in Zandvoort, the so-called NS Hup-On Hup-Off express. This train can accommodate 45 travelers and has open windows. The driver of this train plays request numbers, a party guaranteed! A ride on the Hup train is free for everyone on both days.

Sunday March 29: Zandvoort Circuit Run
The NS Hup train also runs through Zandvoort on Sunday. The NS Hup-On Hup-Off express commutes from the Zandvoort Station to the start and finish at Circuit Park Zandvoort. The NS Hup train can be used from 10.00 until 12.00 hours. The free Hup train will take you to Zandvoort station from 15.10 until 17.00 hours.

By bike

Do you live near? Then come by bike! It is possible to park your bicycle at Parking B. A bicycle parking facility will be set up here. Parking is at your own risk. Bikes can’t be parked on Paddock 1 and 2.

By bus

Zandvoort can be reached with bus line 80. Line 80 runs from the Marnixstraat in Amsterdam via Haarlem Spaarnwoude, Heemstede / Aerdenhout to the center of Zandvoort. From the center you can walk to the circuit in 10 minutes.

More information about the public transport timetable can be found at:

Paid parking

If you come to Zandvoort by car, then you have to take paid parking into account. There are various options for parking your car.

Circuit Zandvoort
You can park on the circuit for € 10. Take appropriate money for this or pin your ticket. Access is via the main entrance of Circuit Zandvoort. All parking proceeds are intended for charity.
Important: access to Circuit Zandvoort is due to the passage of 10 English Mile (16,1 km) and 12 km, closed between 11.45 and 3.30 hours for all traffic. Outgoing traffic in the direction of Bloemendaal is possible from 14.30 hours. We recommend that participants in the Kids Circuit Run and 4K don’t park on the circuit.

Boulevard Barnaart Noord
Parking is possible at Barnaart Noord, Boulevard 1-7, located on the Boulevard between Bloemendaal and Zandvoort. The costs are € 2.20 per hour. A day ticket costs € 12. At the machine you can pay with coins or chip card. At Boulevard 4 you can easily get to the circuit via the side entrance. Follow the footpath, this leads to Parking A at the honorary grandstand.

Zandvoort Noord residential area at “Duintjesveld”
Parking is also possible in the residential area Zandvoort Noord, at “Duintjesveld”. When entering Zandvoort you follow the signs “Duintjesveld”. Parking is free of charge. You are close to Sporthal Korver where you can also use changing rooms and showers.

Entrance Circuit for pedestrians

The entrance for participants to Circuit Zandvoort is through the main entrance of the circuit. Via the main entrance you follow the access road through the tunnel, then you arrive at Paddock 2. Participants who park the car at Boulevard Barnaart Noord walk via the side entrance along the footpath and arrive at the grandstand. Via the walking route you will reach Paddock 2, where you will find the changing tent/runners tent and clothing intake. From Paddock 2 you walk to the starts on Paddock 1.

Return home

Take the time for your return home. It will be busy on the trains and on the road. So enjoy the party in the center of Zandvoort or at one of the many beach pavilions. There are many terraces and various restaurants also offer the special Zin in Zandvoort Menu for € 25.