10 English Miles (16,1K)

The course in Zandvoort is known for the start and finish on a unique location: Circuit Zandvoort. After the start from the pit lane, a whole lap is made on the legendary circuit. Just before the pit boxes come into sight, the circuit will be exchanged for the Boulevard. After having mastered the first kilometers on the paved ground, the ascent follows to go onto the beach. After the beach the beautiful dunes come into view and you run along the cycle path towards the Zuid-Boulevard. Then you arrive in the atmospheric center of Zandvoort where the residents turned the village into a party location. The finish is in front of the grandstand on the circuit, where you leave the circuit warmed up for the Formula 1 drivers.


After the start from the Pitstraat at Circuit Zandvoort and passing the Tarzanbocht, a whole lap of 4 km will be made at the legendary racing circuit. After, the participants run towards the Boulevard and heading south over the beach. After 3 km of beach, the Zuid-Boulevard is reached, where the participants run back to the circuit through the atmospheric center of Zandvoort. The finish is in front of the grandstand on the circuit.

4K (One Lap)

The 4 km course of the Zandvoort Circuit Run runs at Circuit Zandvoort. It's up to you to warm up the circuit for the Formula 1 drivers. Start from pole position from the Pitstraat to the sharp Tarzanbocht and shortly afterwards the Hunzerug. Swaying kilometers and small climbs will challenge you to show the fastest version of yourself.