Start and finish

The starts of the 10 English Miles (16,1K), the 12K and the 4K (One lap) are all from Circuit Zandvoort. The 10 English Miles starts at 12.00 hours. The 12K starts at 13.00 hours and the 4K (One Lap) starts at 11.15 hours. Each starting area is indicated with a color. This color corresponds to the color on your bib number.

Note: it’s not allowed to start in a starting area earlier, a pen later is possible.


10.40 hours Kids Circuit Run 0,9 km

10.50 hours Kids Circuit Run 2,2 km

11.15 hours Start 4 km (One Lap)

12.00 hours Start 10 English Miles (16,1 km)

13.00 hours Start 12 km

Zandvoort Circuit Run - Start